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Welcome to your exclusive passage to the Quad Cities of the Past!

Throughout your journey with QC PastPort, you will experience first-hand the rich tapestry of cultures which make up this area. The Quad Cities is your first port west of the Mississippi. This area has a rich history of pioneers, entrepreneurs, lumber barons, civil war soldiers and their families. We are where Agricultural Machinery was king, Lumber Barons planted their roots and a variety of industries made this their home. Our history strongly reflects how this Country grew from its infancy to today, and it is one of the few places where many of these memories still linger.

It Takes An Entire Community!

Your journey of Quad Cities Past would not be possible without the help of these incredible partners.  These are the organizations that keep our history alive.  Please check out what each has to offer and make a visit when you get a chance!

Founding Partner

Each new idea takes at least one person to say, “Yes” and ensure this idea becomes a reality.  MetroLINK is that company who took a chance on this new idea.  They are truly a community leader and collaborator and we are grateful and excited to have them on our team.  Please be sure to check and out see all the services they offer our area.

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